Parenting Seminars

Educational Programs for Parents

NFRC’s programs for parents not only educate parents about the realities of a family transition, the effect of transition on children, and the legal process-they also provide parents with an opportunity to learn co-parenting communication skills and learn about their children’s developmental needs.

Parenting Seminars

Parenting Seminar
Healing Hearts: Regaining a Sense of Family after a Family Transition

NFRC pioneered these monthly parenting seminars in 1991, and since that time, more than 20,000 parents and their children have benefited from these programs. Today, these educational seminars are widely acclaimed by therapists, judges, and attorneys for their effectiveness in helping parents increase their understanding of the impact of divorce on their children and themselves.

In fact, NFRC’s monthly parenting seminars have been proven so effective, that they have been recognized by many legal jurisdictions as a critical first step for families in transition-with many courts and judges requiring that parents attend the program as part of the legal requirements of the separation and divorce process.

The Parenting Seminar course curriculum includes lecture and discussion with audio/visual support, on the following topics:


  • Losses Adults and Children Experience
  • Strategies to Help Parents and Children Cope with Loss
  • Explaining Family Transitions to Children
  • Children/Youth Panel or Video
  • Changes in Parent-Child Relationships
  • Children’s Development: Infancy-Late Adolescence
  • How Parents Can Help Their Children Throughout Each Phase of Development
  • Making Healthy Decisions Based on Children’s Needs


  • Parent Panel or Video
    • Positive Coping Strategies as a Single Parent
    • Communication Between Parents
    • Support For Single Parents
  • Parenting Arrangements Based on Children’s Needs
  • How to Build a Constructive Co-Parenting Relationship
  • How to Prepare for Mediation

As a result, parents are able to:

  • Prepare themselves and their children for the emotional, social, and financial effects of divorce in a healthy and healing way
  • Tell their children about the family transition without hindering the healing process
  • Know how to act in the best interest of their children at various developmental stages
  • Come to an agreement with the other parent on decisions affecting the children
  • Begin to process their feelings of anger or guilt about the family transition

NFRC’s parenting seminars are led by trained mental health professionals and consist of a lecture format with a question and answer period. Upon completion, participants receive individual Certificates of Completion, which are recognized by the courts.

Healing Hearts Parenting Seminars are currently available in Howard and Prince George’s Maryland.

Information and Schedules for Sessions in Howard County, Maryland

Information and Schedules for Sessions in Prince George’s County, Maryland

           Childcare is not provided.

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